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Janet Boyko has spent the past eight years working as a planner, designer and production coordinator for offices specializing in community revitalization, urban design, and landscape architecture. She earned her Bachelor of Landscape Architecture from Virginia Tech in 1995 and is currently completing her Master's degree in Real Estate Development at Johns Hopkins University.

Ms. Boyko has been involved in a wide range of new development and revitalization projects. Her work has included researching background data and comparables, generating creative design solutions, assisting with public forums and reviews, as well as coordinating and producing final presentations and products. Her project scopes have ranged from large scale city plans and development feasibility analyses to detailed design guidelines and construction documents. Ms. Boyko has worked with public planners, private consultants, citizens, and students in generating design ideas and solutions.

Currently, Ms. Boyko is co-authoring Trend Watch 2004, a professional forecast report compiling the attitudes and concerns of the Washington/Baltimore region's most prominent real estate development professionals to identify the issues and forces that will impact the industry over the next year or so.

Summary of Professional Experience

Community Planning and Urban DesignMs. Boyko has dealt extensively with the important placemaking issues of suburban sprawl and urban revitalization in her planning and design work. She has prepared recommendations for several suburban areas such as Anne Arundel County, MD including not only vision plans to guide future growth, but tools such as performance based design guidelines to achieve the vision. She has also developed revitalization plans and strategies for urban communities such as Fairmont, WV and Cumberland, MD.

Collaboration with Designers, Citizens, and Specialists in Allied Fields – Nearly all of Ms. Boyko's planning and design projects have involved teamwork with citizen groups, economic strategists, traffic planners, land use attorneys and other players in the world of development. She has also concentrated on making connections through her studies in the Real Estate Program at Johns
Hopkins University. As a co-author of Trend Watch 2004, Ms. Boyko has interviewed many of the Washington Real Estate Industry's most prominent professionals to learn their views on the most important issues and forces facing development today.

Conducting Background Research and Compiling InformationOne of Ms. Boyko's recent projects, updating the Parole Growth Management Plan for Anne Arundel County, required extensive research to put together specific demographic data and growth projections. County information was sorely lacking, so the research involved using data from sources such as other public agencies, libraries, and the Internet to pull together a complete picture. While at The Faux Group, Ms. Boyko also developed a digital photographic image archive of the area's hottest development projects, most influential historic areas, and significant regional urban design problems and solutions. This archive is used heavily as a resource to generate design ideas, illustrate visions to clients, and set project expectations. Ms. Boyko has found that researching information such as demographic data, economic figures, historical facts, and examples of comparable projects is an essential component to understanding places and what makes them successful.

Management of the Production of Involved Written and Visual ProductsAmong the many reports Ms. Boyko has written and produced is a 100-page urban design plan report for the City of Cumberland, Maryland. She also produced a comprehensive set of performance based design guidelines for the Parole Town Center in Parole, Maryland. She has also produced detailed construction document sets and illustrative plans. She is computer literate and adapts readily to new production systems and the need to pull together pieces from many sources.

Specific Project Experience

Severn Village, Severn, MD 2001-2002; Developed a conceptual design for the layout and character of a mixed-use village center including possible development/redevelopment sites, building relationships, and scale of construction. Prepared a plan highlighting right-of-way issues. Prepared verbal and graphic design guidelines for massing, site design, focal areas, streetscape, access and circulation, parking, architecture, and signage issues.

Parole Town Center Design Guidelines, Parole, MD 2000-2002; Researched, compiled, and wrote a comprehensive performance based design guideline system to guide the character of development in this emerging mixed use town center.

Parole Growth Management Plan, Parole, MD, 2000-2002; Researched and compiled background demographic data from many sources. Constructed a Microsoft Access database to easily maintain data and smoothly run growth projection scenarios.

Blob Property, Anne Arundel County, MD
2001-2002; Developed feasibility recommendations including yield and physical site analyses as well as conceptual site layout alternatives for a 250 acre parcel of land in Anne Arundel, County as part of an application for mixed use zoning to be permitted on the property.

Fairmont Renaissance Plan, Fairmont, WV 2000; Worked with economic development specialist to develop a revitalization plan for Fairmont, West Virginia. Conducted existing conditions, opportunities, and constraints analysis. Produced a photographic survey of key areas. Located areas for new development and redevelopment. Developed recommendations for gateway improvements and treatments. Created an illustrative vision plan incorporating both public and private improvement recommendations. Managed in-house design and production.

Town Bowie Revitalization Plan, Bowie, MD 1999-2000; Created a physical improvement revitalization plan for a historic underutilized commercial district in Bowie, Maryland as a means of implementing and supporting an accompanying economic redevelopment strategy.

Odenton and Severn Small Area Plans, Anne Arundel County, MD 1999-2000; Conducted inventory and analysis of small areas including neighborhoods, connections, barriers, strengths and weaknesses. Documented comparable areas within the region and created example solutions for pertinent issues. Developed design guidelines for retail developments ranging from main street businesses to big box retailers.

of Maryland Science and Technology Center, Bowie, MD 1999-2000; Prepared a written report outlining design and development recommendations, design principles, potential development alternatives, phasing, and strategies for attracting high-tech businesses and residents to a well-located site in Prince George's County.

Smart Codes Committee Development Guidelines, State of MD
1999; Assisted with developing recommended Growth Management Overlay Zones to direct growth in appropriate areas of the State of Maryland. Report was presented to the Governor’s council on Smart Growth.

Downtown Design and Development Plan, Cumberland, MD 1998-1999; Worked with a committee of City stakeholders to develop a detailed urban design plan for improvements dealing with image and identity, pedestrian linkages, traffic, and parking. Produced a 100-page report detailing the concept for downtown improvements, and breaking down the plan into 46 individual, manageable projects to be undertaken by various City entities.

Crofton and Crownsville Small Area Plans, Anne Arundel County, MD
1998-1999; Assisted with the development of the small area plans for Crofton and Crownsville. Developed a process for documenting significant elements of scenic roadways in order to create a tool for directing future development along the roadways. Participated in educating the public about the small area plans at two public forums.

Tysons Corner Edge City Tour, 1998; Organized and conducted a specialized tour of Tysons Corner, Virginia
for a group of approximately thirty University students from Germany.

Village Design, Community Planning, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 1998; Developed preliminary site plans for medium density residential villages using AutoCAD. Villages included approximately 25 single-family homes, 10% dedicated open space, internal road systems, and a village center.

Ecoville New Town, Development Planning, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 1997; prepared yield analysis and other development strategy recommendations for a 1200 acre new town in Brazil.

City of Cumberland Downtown Signage Plan, Cumberland, MD 2000; Created a sign system strategy and location plan for approximately 50 marquee, directional, and parking signs to direct visitors around downtown Cumberland.

Wilston Redevelopment Area, Streetscape Design, Arlington, VA 1997; conceptual design for new public streetscape in a six block neighborhood with mixed income apartments undergoing renovation and a surplused public school to be redeveloped into a neighborhood retail center in Fairfax County, Virginia.

Taylor Circle
Traffic Circle, Urban Design, Annapolis, MD 1997-1998; Produced detailed urban design and construction documentation for a triangular urban park and streetscapes in a two-block area of Annapolis, Maryland. Worked with a citizen design review committee.

Village Center, Sao Paulo, Brazil 1998; Created a conceptual design for a community shop and party room composed of a series of indoor and outdoor rooms for a village in the new town of Ecoville outside of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

West Street Business District, Streetscape Design, Annapolis, MD
1996-1997; Assisted with the development of a conceptual streetscape design and vision plan for a nine-block area of Annapolis, Maryland to be redeveloped into a regional business district. Developed prototypical design details for the streetscape including tree pit treatments, furnishings, gateway markers, and paving patterns.

National Zoological Park Grasslands Exhibit, Washington, DC 1995-1996; Assisted with design and detailing of Phase I. Produced hardscape and landscape construction document sets using AutoCAD 13. Prepared commission submissions and performed consultant coordination.

Hackman Residence, Springfield, VA
1995; Created a garden and hardscape design for a private residential client in Springfield, Virginia.

Cameron Station Military Base Conversion, Alexandria, VA
1995; Worked with a team of architecture students to explore opportunities and constraints for the transformation of an abandoned military base to a mixed-use development. Provided observations and design suggestions to the City of Alexandria, Virginia.

A Typological Study of Edge City Roadways, Senior Thesis Project, 1995; Developed a system of elements which combines automobile and pedestrian circulation with open space in order to establish a framework for future growth, a legibility of place, and a catalyst for future development. Through this typology, public infrastructure serves as an organizational tool, which acts as a backbone and generator of private development. Tyson’s Corner, Virginia
served as a case study for examining the possibilities and limitations of the typology. Ms. Boyko received a student ASLA Honor Award for her work on this project as well as the Virginia Tech 1995 Stanley Abott Award.

Work History

The Faux Group, Inc
Annapolis, MD
Senior Associate Design/Planner
April 1996-September 2002

Johnson Johnson & Roy/inc.
Washington, DC
Landscape Architect
August 1995-April 1996

Ford Landscape Design
Alexandria, VA
Landscape Design Consultant
September 1994-August 1995

Payne’s Nursery

Newtown, CT
May 1994-August 1994

Awards & Activites

Co-Author, Trend Watch 2004
Member, Urban Land Institute
Member, American Planning Association
President, Thomas Jefferson High School for Science & Technology Alumni Association, 1998-2001
ASLA Student Honor Award 1995
Stanley Abbott Award for Best Senior Project 1995
Third Place in Sigma Lambda Alpha Fourth Year Competition 1994
Member of Sigma Lambda Alpha, landscape architecture honor society


B.L.A. Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University 1995
Washington-Alexandria Architecture Consortium 1994-95

M.S. Real Estate Development
Johns Hopkins University (anticipated graduation May 2004)

Contact: janet@pinbar.com

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