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My Family

My dear husband and son are my constant source of energy and renewal. Andrew and I just celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary on October 12, 2003. Boy, how time flies! On November 6, 2002 we added Nicholas to our family. He is an absolute joy. Absolutely, without a doubt, the smartest, cutest and most loveable child ever born. (Of course!)

Currently, I am taking a break from the employement scene while I finish my Master's degree and spend time with Nicholas. Ultimately, I would like to develop a consulting arrangement that allows me to pursue my passion for planning, design, and real estate development.

Here are my guys....

Other Passions:

As you have probably gleaned by now, I love places and the means of creating them from the detailed expressions of good architecture to the vibrant energy generated in a great community plan. Although this passion is most apparent in my work, it is also evident in many of my hobbies.


I collect postcards from places around the world and throughout time. Postcards are a fabulous way to follow the evolution of a place over time and see how photographers felt places could be best portrayed to visitors and their correspondents. My favorites are 1950s suburbia and retail. There is something about the optimism in the architecture and design of this era that I just love.

My collecting topics include:

Shopping Areas: shopping malls; strip centers; pedestrian malls; highway commercial strips; stores;

Popular Culture: tiki; fast food; furniture/interiors (50s-70s); buffets; cafeterias; neon and other cool signs; world of tomorrow; picnics; miniature golf; amusement parks; motels (50s & 60s); community events (fairs, parades, etc.); advertisings for clothing, furniture, other weird stuff;

Real Estate Related: advertisements for houses, communities, cities directly courting tourists;

Architecture: views of suburban development patterns; home improvement services/products; construction equipment and buildings in progress; art deco buildings & details; modern architecture (early 20th century); popular architecture (esp. 50s & 60s); architectural illustrations; architectural models;

Other: Mobiles (ie. Calder sculptures); ads for Beeline Fashions, Queensway clothing, Tupperware; palm trees; Ted Lewy (artist); Lumitone published.

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I love books. I have way too many, if that's even possible. I especially love the big glossy photographs of the best architecture books. Not suprisingly, my favorites are related to development and design.

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